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I`m Mat SEO, digital marketing and web design enthusiast amazed by Stavanger and Norway.

My name is Mateusz Jabcoń, I am experienced SEO , web design and digital marketing specialist with google certificate.

About my website

My website is about my passion which is SEO , Digital Marketing, web development and more ! I want to store my ideas knowledge and share it with people. I hope You enjoy it!

web design stavanger


Web design Stavanger, from  basic and important UX features to complex technical information You will find info here and on the  my blog.

I believe that only on clients satisfaction one can build success. 

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From simple and elegant  logo through graphic, photos,  vector images business card designs, e-mail signatures, leaflets and catalogs to simple Flash animation and application.

web design stavanger, websites stavanger

SEO & Digital Marketing

Even most amazing and breathtaking website without  high position in Google is like a billboard in the middle of the forest. If no potential client see it  then no one will buy it.

What is web design Stavanger all about ?

Few words about me.

web design stavanger, web developer stavanger


I`m learning all the time  to improve my coding skills and knowledge. At this moment I`m in the middle  of  my full stack web designer course , I know my  way around in HTML, CSS, Boostrap, and I`m starting my adventure with jQuery, JavaScript,  and then move  on to PHP :) currently I`m learning Python :)

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About me

I`m 29 years old, and my last 8 years I was working with many companies, smaller, medium and larger. I decided that exactly this is what I want to do in my life, helping to develop others by my knowledge and skills. Constantly developing myself through various new experiences, tasks and reaching new goals.

Check out my other projects like digital-marketing-analyst.com

web design stavanger, web developer stavanger


 I was always  fascinated by laws which shape our economy, product popularity, success. I feel now not only You existence  in the web counts, Life  is competition, Your online marketing is competing all the time, from You depend  are You winning or just existing, Check out also my post about Adwords to learn more about how to start Your online campaigns.


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For me cooperation is more then just business it is a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. First thing I think after meting new client is not how much I can earn but what can I do for him.


Plan, implement, gather data from results, conclude and improve. - This is my mantra. I treat this project "Web design Stavanger" very seriously, I want to prove that my skills and hard work which I put into any project arereally worth it.


I`m never focus only on reaching a goal. It is reaching goal fastest and with as optimal resources usage as possible what drives me.

Some of my project

I`m not presenting here even 10% of my work because I was working under different companies which own the right to my work. But I hope my portfolio will grow larger soon.

Web design Stavanger – examples

Recent Projects

In my work  I did plenty of things:

– Creating and managing a website.

– Creating and managing  web shop o other form of e-commerce

– Improving site traffic by SEO, Googla Adwords or other online marketing tools.

– Planning, project management, reporting gathering data and improving.

– Gathering data about b2b clients, creating databases.


Some of my projects...

  • web design stavanger, project managment stavanger
  • web design stavanger, graphic design stavanger
  • web design stavanger, adwords stavanger


    Some of people I worked with:

    For me every client is unique and I`m delivering always best possible solution for his business.

    Web design Stavanger - Contact

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    0048 690 922 478

    Leave me a message

    I am skilled and experienced in many business areas, if You have any problem   just  try and write me  a message.

    I really like to learn by creating and doing something new  let me know  is there something I can help You with.

    This site -” Web design Stavanger ”  is part of my portfolio.

    • Webdesing, web developing, coding, e-commerce, seo, online marketing
    • Graphic desing, leaflats, business cards, logos, photos, pictures.
    • Marketing, strategy planning, project managment.
    • B2B sells, data gathering, business intelligence.

    Those are some of  work  I done,  I like to develop and all the time I`m trying  something new.  I will post my  new project here on Web design Stavanger Webpage.