Digital marketing information News and helpfull tutorials.

  • SEO ( Keyword resarch, link building, creating good content)
  • SEM (PPC, Adwords, Display adwertise)
  • Analytics
  • Photoshop
  • Corel Draw
  • HTML / CSS
  • Responsive Design
  • CMS - Wordpress
  • UX - tutorials, guide
Digital Marketing in Norway

Online marketing tutorials, news and information.

Here  are some new  post from digital marketing world :

  • SEO tutorials and information.
  • SEM tutorials and information.
  • Analytic tools, data gathering.
  • Creating good  content.
  • Link building.
  • PPC – advertising  and affiliate marketing.
  • Many many more!!!

I hope I will build here a  knowledge base  for people who want to learn about  digital marketing. It is a complex topic  and It have many aspects  that is why I will try to provide  a nice guideline for all.

Design tutorials, news and information.

You will find here all info about  UX and UX tutorials. UX is User Experience, now it is starting to be more and more important. Not only  design counts but also  exactly this  user experience.  You want it  to be best and  here I will try to provide You with best possible advises ideas and inspirations.


Digital marketing UX


SEO as part of digital marketing

Web developing tutorials, news and information.

Here I will try to provide   tips  for  webmasters and people who are just starting in this field.

I will try to answer  here on basic  questions  like:

How to make a nice website ?

What platform for website choose and why ?

How to speed up Your website ?

And many many more.  I`m learning  new things every day  and I would like to  share my knowledge with people who may use it for  their own development.

Web Designer Stavanger - design thoughts, comment section

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