Graphic design Stavanger – what does it mean  ?

design stavanger

Graphic design Stavanger –  what You think and feel is the result  how  Your  mind interpret  things   people  and events  around  You.   What I want  to say here  that shaping  how Your site, business card, logo, portfolio  look like,  we can  influence  what people   think about  You and Your business and  before  they even start to thing about it.  Mind is  always  lazy and  like to work on assumptions, it is easier  to assume  something   from the general impression.

design stavanger

Graphic  design is  extremely powerful weapon  in for every  business.  Because   just in the  first  second  after someone   see for example   the website  we can  shape  what he will think  ! This determines what how he will conciser all that is written on Your site.   Will he recognize  us  like a professionals or amateurs ?  Secure   or risky business partner ? Will we create in his mind this  need for a product we sell, or service we provide?

design stavanger

Always remember You know  Yourself and Your business well. Your website  visitor do not know You, his whole approach  will be based on what he will see in this  first  second. That  is  why I think  Graphic desiners are so important now,  because  of course many people  can  create something but not many  people can create this exact specific emotions in You when You look at something they created.

Graphic design in Stavanger, so what it actually  is  ?

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I do all You can see  on the website even if it is white  spot and You don`t see anything I did this white  spot.

So it is  generally a lot of planning and  thinking involved in creating a  layout   of website,  which colors  should we use ?  What will people  think when  we see them ? What can they feel when they see them  ? maybe there is  local cheap chain stores with yellow theme, if we use   this  on our website  it will create impression they buying something cheap and  with  good discount  do we want them to  feel this way  ?

A lot of things is happening under the surface  so   maybe You don`t think about something  but it still  have  impact on.

You do not believe me  ?  Let`s make a experiment. After reading this   close Your  eyes  and  imagine  huge  green grass with green  trees  wind  moving this green ocean,   ok close  the  eyes   and imagine it.

Now  think   about  first number  You can think of … quickly  say whatever You think.

Was is   seven ?   it should be seven and You know why  ?  You were thinking about green and this    focused Your  mind on this  so the one of first connection between green and number is  lucky number seven.

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Then we can start working with  photos , pictures  and  creating those  elements inside. Very slowly one by one but  constantly and  keeping in mind  the   general vision we are  making  vision  coming  true.

designer stavanger

Big part of  web design is  also  typography,  there is so many  different  fonts but  not all are for all purposes, You can`t use some if You want to  recognize as a  professional. And sometimes   You need to use  this special font if You want to give Your business this special accent.

Then there is  whole part of fancy addons from movies  and animations  to really  nice  3D  graphic   You can  improve Your  website with.

For designer the only  frontier is the his own creativity  (and the client  budget sometimes )   but as I wrote  in the web design section You  have to also  think as an user and not created something what  can  later become  amazing   to look but horror to actually  use.

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