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Features of good website - in my opinion.

  • Logical and clear layout.
  • Most important things only, not overloaded.
  • Make it easy for clients to contact You.
  • Simple and easy website navigation.
  • Safe.
  • Integrated with social media.
  • Mobile friendly version.
  • Good backend ( server, online marketing)
web designer stavanger

The new trend   is   aiming in  UX –  User Experience Designer  is a new trending position   for people who are dealing  with the experience   of Your website or application  users . What  does that mean ?

My  work as  a ” web designer stavanger ”  freelancer   teach me some things about   design and I would  like  to share   some of my thoughts below.

web design stavanger, web developer stavanger

In simple words   designers and developers should  always consider   creating  a website  which will be clear and easy for the client. For example   even if   the  website is  sparkling  from fancy media, but client   can not find  there any contact information  this means website is not  well designed.   Not  only design   counts.

The same thing with companies who are ordering  website ,  very often they want  to put whole  product  history catalog and all 1001  products  feature  over flooding   viewer  with information,  they are  creating  exactly  opposite effect , after  seeing such  wall of content the viewer will will  most not read it. Lets  be honest we try to be as efficient  as possible if   something   requires from us  too much attention  with probably small result  is not  very  efficient.

In all things  i think it is important to find this optimal point.

For example  when I make  website. I try to think about  nice good looking  desing, but not forget about clients  who will  look at the website.

I want the clients to be  amaze  by  the site but   I want them also  to find their  way around and  find the most important information on the website, like  contact,  telephone  number, e-mail address, most important   in for them to  understand  about what the  website is, what is it  for  and how  they can use it.

Then there is  whole   are of SEO , this  white/black hat   complicated and delicate   setup  of what Your  website  should  contain  to be on high position in google.   It is   very hard sometimes   to  put in the  content  keywords   like mine key word for example:  web designer stavanger  You need to sometimes  just change  Your plan  because  You don` t want  Your website  look  bad or give  a   feel that it is  unprofessional.

web designer stavanger
web designer stavanger

To sum up what I`m actually saying. I believe there is not one  good golden method in designing. Your design should always  consider  many different  things, first of all what is the aim of the website. You should  always  try to put Yourself in the   viewer  position ant the thing  what do You want  him to think  and  feel when he is   on Your website.

Are You aims    young  mothers ? Young people ? Businessmen ?  Ornithologists  or developers ?  Every group have it own characteristic features  You should address in Your website.    The  second  thing is  what  do You want to do actually ?  do You want  to promote  ?  sell  ?   provide  some  usable  features, gain social awareness ?

I always  try not to take fro granted  only  how I feel about the website,  do I like it . I try to think about  what  people  like , why  some other pages are so popular, what do they have what I have  not.  I try to ask around  what different people  think but I never   focus only  on one  opinion,  everyone  has  it`s own opinion  and  there is  no chance  the website  will be  suitable  for everyone.

For me the hardest is  just to be satisfied  from the website myself. I have very  critical approach to my work  so it is  very hard for me   to like my work even  if  clients   love it . I think it is important  to be happy  from  Your work,  I am happy from  developing myself, my knowledge and skills  to met  more  sophisticated problems, create better website  and  make  my website  do their   job  in the  internet.

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