SEO Stavanger - Key facts about the services.

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Aim of SEO is to increase site traffic and popularity by high position in search enginges.
  • Good SEO is a process, not one time fix.
  • SEO consist of: resarch, on page optimization, off page optimization and analysis of data.
  • It is unique for each website.
  • It take time.
  • It is process also because Google algorythm changes can change results any time.
  • Solid SEO give webistes long term benefits, it is connected to content marketing and social marketing also.
  • Good SEO pays for itself!
  • Website with bad search enginge placement is like bilboard in the middle of the forest, nobody can find it!
Seo Stavanger

The title SEO Stavanger  is  for me keyword itself,  because I want people to visit my site when they will look for  SEO services in Stavanger area. I used SEO so You could find me easier!

SEO is  complex and constantly changing topic, I remember my first  search engine optimization  experiences in 2008  and it was very different then now.

But let`s start from the  beginning, I will try to explain  this topic  of optimization so You can better  understand , what is it, why it is important.


SEO is all things  You can do to gain high position in google, for example using  keywords like  my keyword SEO Stavanger. I`m using this keyword to show  high  in the google  search engine results. Is it all to  just  use  keywords ? No. Search  engines like google have now very complex algorithm to rank the pages, this  algorithm  includes many  many factors, from site loading  speed, technical website details, to social factors. SEO is knowledge about  all those and ability to to  change sites to improve their position in Google.

Seo Stavanger cube

SEO Stavanger – SEO Norwegian way.

SEO values


Answer Yourself  do You need  more people to see Your website ? More precise  do You need more  people interested in Your  products, services,  content of Your website.

Because best SEO is  long term process  for building more and more popularity and brand awareness for Your business.

That is  why I believe SEO is the future  of  the internet and website.  It is all about  building proper content, link building,  finding  proper keywords and appropriate website management.

Of course maybe You don`t want seo services because Your site already show in google, but  You have to know that  there is many factors You don`t even know and  fact that You see Your website   does not  mean client  who is seeking Your services also see it in the same place.

SEO in Stavanger ?

But You are not Norwegian, You will probably say, can You provide  good SEO services ?

Yes You are right I`m not native Norwegian but I can provide  as good SEO services as any native Norwegian.

That is why I advertise my service for keywords like SEO Stavanger.

If You have any questions, please  write to me, it is free and I will be happy to share my knowledge with You.


A short list  how my services looks:

  1. Website Audit.
  2. Keywords research.
  3. Competitors research.
  4. Creating unique seo strategy for Your business.
  5. Setting up tools to measure the effectiveness.
  6. Implementing SEO strategy on pages.
  7. Implementing SEO stategy off page.
  8. Gathering data, reports.
  9. Strategy optimization according to received results.
  10. Back to step 1 again.